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FE and PE Exam Preparation

While professional licensure is not required for many positions in engineering fields, certification as a Professional Engineer indicates that you have met the industry’s highest standards for competence, quality, and professional integrity, and provides you with a professional credential that greatly expands your career options.  In North Carolina, licensure is a multi-step process that entails:

  • Graduation from an ABET-accredited engineering program
  • The Fundamentals of Engineering (FE) exam
  • Four years of professional experience in engineering
  • The Principles and Practices of Engineering (PE) exam

Fundamentals of Engineering Exam
The Fundamentals of Engineering exam serves as a comprehensive examination for your engineering education and covers the engineering principals you learned throughout your undergraduate studies.  Whether you are just finishing your undergraduate education, or graduated years ago, this course will give you a concise, thorough, and structured review of the critical engineering topics you must master to pass the exam.   To give you the best chance for test-taking success, lessons are designed to help you apply these topics in the testing environment.   

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Principles and Practices of Engineering Exam (Civil Engineering)
Passing the PE exam is the final step to becoming a licensed Professional Engineer.  This exam tests your ability to practice competently in your discipline.  While the FE exam measures your understanding of engineering fundamentals, the PE exam focuses more on practical concepts that can only be mastered after years of professional experience in an engineering field.  This course refreshes your knowledge of engineering topics, terminology, and formulas.  Exam tips, practice problems, and reviews of exam-specific material help you identify strengths and bolster weaknesses as you develop your test-taking strategy.

See for yourself!  Preview an entire PE class lecture. 

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