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The following courses are offered by Engineering Online, the Distance Education Division of NC State's College of Engineering. The SEMESTER notation indicates past and tentative future scheduling.

BEC 577   Advanced Biomanufacturing and Biocatalysis (also offered as CHE 577) Spring, Fall

Overview of biomanufacturing using microorganisms (bacteria, yeast, fungi), eukaryotic cells (insect, plant, CHO) and recombinant enzymes focusing on methods used in industry. Course will emphasize media and process design for optimization of heterologous protein expression, metabolic/cell line engineering, metabolomics, protein engineering to alter enzymes and antibodies. Pathway engineering strategies include developing microbes to produce new therapeutic compounds or overproduce primary metabolites, antibiotics, biotherapeutics, therapeutic enzymes, diagnostics, recombinant vaccines, and biopharmaceuticals. Utilization of immobilized biocatalysts, and microbial kinetics are covered. 3 credit hours