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Collaborate available for synchronous online meetings

What is Collaborate?

Collaborate is an application from Blackboard that offers the option for a real-time, virtual meeting space supporting the exchange of voice, data, and multimedia content in addition to offering an interactive whiteboard and a means of application and file sharing. This product was initially designed primarily for academic use, so it has a robust collection of features to increase interactivity and enhance learning. This application is available at no charge to NC State students and staff.

Engineering faculty members often choose to schedule virtual office hours via Collaborate. Instructors may schedule sessions for the entire class or specific groups of students, Students, themselves, can choose to schedule sessions for planning group projects or presentations with their classmates.

Where do I get support for use of Collaborate?

DELTA has gathered a wide range information about Collaborate and available support resources in the Blackboard Collaborate Knowledgebase Information to help prepare your own computer for use with Collaborate is at: You'll also want to share that link with your students to get them started.

How do you schedule your own Collaborate sessions?

Anyone with a Unity ID can login to schedule a session at: There is no need to apply for a special Collaborate moderator account.

What are the login instructions for participants?

When participants go to the URL above, they should log in with their unity ID and choose from available options that include the ability to search for a specific session scheduled by the instructor, create their own session, watch recorded versions of earlier sessions, or see a list of sessions they’ve previously scheduled.

Option to schedule a Collaborate session from within a Moodle course site

Moodle now includes an option to schedule a Collaborate session that automatically limits attendance to enrolled students. Students will not see these sessions listed on the master list of sessions at the site above, but will find the link to join their sessions within their Moodle course site.

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