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Library Resources

The NCSU library has generated an online library resources page customized to the specific content area for each course. To view your page, simply substitute your course prefix and number in the URL below:

It is a simple process to work with the distance librarian for your course to further customize the resources you would like to have available to your students. Of particular interest is the ability to have the library create and post electonic reserves to digital copies of journal articles, book chapters or other library resources.

The library also offers many resources available specifically to DE students such as 24/7 phone/instant messanger/email assistance relating to any library service. The TripSaver feature is also an outstanding service that many DE students and Faculty are aware of.

Resources customized to your course or discipline

There are several librarians who have an engineering background available to help you formulate assignments that include literature research or require students to integrate information literacy skills with traditional engineering knowledge. Examples of customized assignments, rubrics and lesson plans can be found in the Instructional Toolkit for Textile & Engineering.

Integrating information literacy into the Engineering Curriculum

Dr. Michael Prince, a Chemical Engineering professor from Bucknell, is part of a team of engineering professors who have recently received three NSF grants totaling $1.1 million to study how engineering students are educated (Schaffhauser, 2008). One phase of the research examines how educators can develop and integrate chemical engineering materials that incorporate the life sciences into their teaching in order to better prepare chemical engineers for a wider range of careers. >> Read More.....

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