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DE Studio Classrooms

de studioEngineering Online faculty teach in one of 7 different distance education classrooms.The classrooms are located in Daniels Hall, Mann Hall, Engineering Building II (EBII), Monteith Engineering Research Center (MRC) and Engineering Building III (EBIII). The classroom in EBIII is managed by Engineering Online, while the others are owned and managed by NC State’s Video Communications Services. 

These DE classrooms are equipped with state-of-the-art media enhancements. A document camera and SMART board allow you to capture and record work that you do in class.  The computer provided in every classroom is set up to accommodate all media formats, computer-generated graphics, video/media files, and networked applications. In addition to these fully equipped classrooms, there are mini-recording studios located in Page Hall, Engineering II (EBII), Engineering Building III (EBIII) and Mann Hall where faculty can pre-record lectures or create tutorials or other content that does not require students to be present.

Eva Boyce is the EOL Media Coordinator. You can contact her to schedule use of the mini-studios or for other technical questions related specifically to recordings for your class lectures. Her contact information is below:
919-513-0984–or- toll free 877-254-0058

Faculty Guide

All new DE faculty are required to attend a hands-on orientation in the DE studio classroom where they will be teaching. These orientation sessions take place shortly before the beginning of each semester. New DE faculty members will have the opportunity to meet the EOL staff and members of the Video Communications Services support staff.

A printed copy of the faculty guide for DE Studio Classrooms will be available. This document includes detailed information about technical features of the classroom space, suggestions for effective instructional strategies and contact information for EOL faculty support staff and for Video Communications Services.

SMART Sympodium Lecturn

The DE studio classrooms are equipped with a SMART Sympodium. The interactive screen of the Sympodium connects to the video classroom computer and displays the desktop image. You touch the screen with a stylus to control applications or use an interactive pen to write notes over the top of the computer application being displayed. Everything projected on the classroom monitors is also captured via MediaSite to produce a recording for DE students that also includes video of the instructor and any close-ups captured on the overhead document camera.

The images you create will be displayed on the monitors and you can save your work with the additional annotations, if you choose to do so. Students can then have a copy of the class lecture and activities with full annotations, if you wish to make them available. 

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