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Graduate Non-Degree Studies

An engineer’s life is one of perpetual study, and Engineering Online makes ongoing learning accessible for mature students seeking professional and personal enrichment.

You can take a single course or a series of classes from a catalog of online courses without committing to a degree program. Non-degree online students enroll in the same courses as degree-seeking students and are held to the same high academic standards. Through our flexible online learning options, NC State University faculty combine conventional engineering and computer science practices with cutting-edge research, and put that knowledge directly in the hands of working professionals for immediate, practical application.   

Benefits of Non-degree Study

The non-degree studies offers numerous benefits for those who already have a bachelor’s degree in engineering, computer science, or a related discipline from an accredited institution. Enrolling as a PBS (post-baccalaurate student) student can help you: 

  • Pursue a topic in engineering or computer science of personal or professional interest to you
  • Enhance professional qualifications in an increasingly competitive and rapidly changing job market
  • Determine if a distance education program works for you and fits within your schedule and lifestyle
  • Fulfill prerequisites for a graduate degree program
  • Demonstrate your ability to do graduate-level coursework prior to applying for admission to degree studies
  • Enroll in courses for academic credit even when the admission application window is closed for your desired degree program
  • Take courses for transfer into your current degree program at another institution

Additionally, courses taken for academic credit can also provide Professional Engineers with the Professional Development Hours (PDHs) needed to keep their licensure current. Professional Engineers should consult their state licensing board to ensure courses will apply toward professional licensure.   

Admission to a Graduate Degree Program

Enrolling as a PBS student does not guarantee your admission to a graduate degree program and should not be viewed as a way of bypassing NC State University’s competitive admission process. However, successful non-degree students are granted academic credit which may be transferable to a graduate degree program at NC State University or other institutions. Up to 12 hours of course credit taken as a PBS student can be used to fulfill graduate degree requirements if the grade of B or higher (not B-) has been earned in each class, subject to the approval of the academic department to which you are admitted. PBS students applying for admission to a graduate degree program should review both the admission requirements of that program and NC State University’s Graduate School application procedures.

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