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Site-Based Bachelor of Science Degrees

As our society grows increasingly complex, our need for trained professionals to develop and guide our technological advancements increases as well.  The world needs engineers to conceptualize, construct and maintain the millions of innovations we encounter throughout our lives.  While society increasingly demands the skills of the trained engineer, the number of universities with the faculty and resources necessary to support engineering programs is not keeping pace with our needs.

Engineering Online’s site-based engineering degree programs are specifically designed to fill the geographical gaps between highly-qualified students in North Carolina, and a world class engineering education within the state.  By placing programs in North Carolina’s mountain and coastal regions, Engineering Online ensures that all students in North Carolina can access the same quality engineering education as those who are able to attend classes on NC State University’s campus.

To offer these degree programs, NC State University has partnered with UNC Asheville and Craven Community College in Havelock.  Students attend all classes at their home institution.  They receive instruction from their home institutions in general education requirements, while taking engineering classes from NC State University’s distinguished engineering faculty through Engineering Online’s instructional technologies.  To learn more, choose one of the options below.

Engineering (BS): Mechanical Engineering Systems (Havelock)
Engineering is the creative application of scientific principles in developing, constructing or implementing, structures, machines or manufacturing processes.  This degree program helps future engineers learn real-world applications for these critical scientific concepts, and produce apparatuses that safely and economically serve their intended purpose.

Engineering (BS): Mechatronics Engineering (Asheville)
Mechatronics is an emerging field of study that combines mechanical, electrical, and computer engineering.  Mechatronics engineering focuses on using computer intelligence to control precise movements in mechanical devices.  Examples of mechatronics can be found in robotics, medical devices, automotive engineering, airplane design, and in nearly all other industries as well.  This degree program helps future engineers prepare for a career designing and manufacturing new technologies that help us overcome our biological limitations.

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