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Instructional Resources for Engineering Online Faculty


Engineering Online logoThere are many resources that can enhance the online learning experience for students while making your job as a Distance Education instructor easier. Our goal is to share various instructional strategies and associated technologies currently in use by some of your engineering colleagues.

North Carolina State University has a strong track record in the delivery of high quality opportunities for distance learning. Many of the resources described on these pages are university-supported and available to any faculty member at no cost. Additionally, Engineering Online staff members can suggest resources to meet your specific teaching and learning needs also provide support for integrating these strategies into your teaching. These resources have been locally reviewed and are in use by your colleagues here at NCSU.

Synchronous communication options for DE faculty and students

EOL faculty have found that synchronouElluminate interfaces communication via web conferencing applications can add a valuable dimension to their students' learning experience. Many are using NCSU supported Blackboard Collaborate with their students for online office hours, TA help sessions, advising or for student-led work group work.

WebEx is another option for synchronous communication

WebEx is another web conferencing option that is available on a fee basis through OIT ComTech. "WolfMeeting", as it will be known, is a full-featured video conferencing application that allows users with a desktop, laptop, iPad or iPhone to collaborate, present and share content. WebEx includes features such as allowing PDF or MS Office formatted documents to be shared and annotated. ComTech currently has a pilot of this WebEx product and has extended it through the end of January. ComTech Business Applications and Services has provided an FAQ for WebEx at NC State with more information about options for a WebEx .

Getting started with web-conferencing in your teaching and learning

With an increase in cross-functional teams that are often spread around the globe, engineering professionals frequently use web conferencing products to communicate. Course related assignments involving teams of students using communications technology can help to simulate some of the real-world communication experiences they are likely to face in the workplace. Students are allowed to schedule their own Collaborate sessions and can arrange virtual meetings for project teams, if desired.


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