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Frequently Asked Questions

Exams: Proctor FAQ

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  1. What is involved in being a proctor for NCSU Engineering Online students?

Proctoring an exam is a multi-step process. A proctor:
  1. Receives the exam via e-mail
  2. Administers the exam to the student
  3. Gathers the completed exam and submits it to the Engineering Online office via fax or as a scanned attachment to an e-mail
  4. Mails the original of the completed exam to the exam coordinator once the EOL office confirms receipt of the electronic version of the exam

  1. How does a proctor administer an exam?

To properly administer an exam or quiz, proctors should:
  1. Ensure that the student does not have access to the examination before or after the agreed testing period
  2. Verify the studentís identity through a photo ID
  3. Ensure the student does not have any unauthorized materials while taking the test
  4. Supervise the student while taking the exam
  5. Stop the student from working on his or her test paper when the allotted time period ends
  6. Collect the exam and send a faxed or scanned copy to the Engineering Online office
Once submitted electronically, proctors should hold the studentís original exam paper until the EOL office confirms receipt of the electronic version of the exam. Once receipt has been confirmed, proctors must then mail the entire test paper and any student work to the Engineering Online office.

  1. May I require the student to provide an envelope and postage for mailing the completed exam or quiz to Engineering Online?

  1. If I am already a proctor for one or more Engineering Online students, do I have to complete a new proctor data form to serve as a proctor for another student?

  1. Why am I being asked to complete the Proctor Data form again, when I have already been a proctor for the same student for several semesters?

  1. What should I do if I have not received an exam, but the student for whom I am a proctor said he/she received an e-mail indicating the exam has been sent to proctors?

  1. Since I proctor for more than one student, how can I tell which student needs to take the exam I just received?

  1. Is it my responsibility as a proctor to set up a time for the student to take an exam?

  1. How do I know the completed exam or quiz I submitted via fax or as an e-mail attachment was received?

  1. How long does it take for me to receive notification that the Engineering Online office received the electronic version of a completed exam that I submitted?


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