EGR 506 Managing New High-Tech Product Launches
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This course covers new high-tech product development and launch from the perspective of the technical product manager responsible for developing and launching new products and new lines of business within the high tech firm. Topics cover the entire spectrum of the new products development and launch process starting from concept generation and ideation and concept evaluation all the way through market testing and product launch. Each phase of the new products management process will be covered and illustrated by case studies. Life cycle product management will also be addressed. Students will generate a new product development and launch plan as a course project. 3 credit hours.

This course will be operated as an online asynchronous seminar course. The course covers a wide range of topics and here, they will be addressed through a series of mini case studies. The course consists of 14 weeks. Each week, there will be 2 video lectures. The video should be watched on or about Monday and Thursday, although you can vary this to fit your schedule. You may complete your readings, study and assignments at any time throughout the week. There will be reading every week. After the 5th week of the course, there will be ongoing project work. Twice during the semester, you will be asked to submit a case report.



Edwin R. Addison, Lecturer
Edward P. Fitts Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering
NCSU Campus
Raleigh, NC 27695

Mobile Phone: 910.398.1200
Email: eraddiso@ncsu.edu

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