NE/MSE 509 Nuclear Materials
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Properties and selection of materials for nuclear steam supply systems and radiation effects on materials. Implications of radiation damage to reactor materials and material problems in nuclear engineering are discussed. An overview of nuclear steam supply systems, crystal structure and defects, dislocation theory, mechanical properties, radiation damage, hardening and embrittlement due to radiation exposure and problems concerned with fission and fusion materials. Credit will not be given for both NE/MSE 409 and NE/MSE 509. 3 credit hours.



Dr. Djamel Kaoumi, Associate Professor
Dept. of Nuclear Engineering
North Carolina State University
Burlington Nuclear Labs 2115, Box 7909
Raleigh, NC 27695-7909

Phone: (919) 515-2046
Email: dkaoumi@ncsu.edu
Instructor Website: https://www.ne.ncsu.edu/people/dkaoumi

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