NE 504 Radiation Safety and Shielding
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Radiation sources commonly encountered in nuclear applications; attenuation of gamma rays and neutrons; simplified methods for radiation transport including point kernel methods and uncollided dose; definitions of dose quantities and response functions; buildup factors and methods for dose computation. 3 credit hours.



Dr. Yousry Y. Azmy, Professor
Nuclear Engineering
Burlington Nuc Labs 3141, Box 7909
NCSU Campus
Raleigh, NC 27695

Phone: 919-515-3385
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Email: yyazmy@ncsu.edu
Web Site: https://www.ne.ncsu.edu/people/yyazmy

Gerald D. Wicks, Reactor Health Physicist
Nuclear Reactor Program
Burlington Laboratory 2119, Box 7909
NCSU Campus
Raleigh, NC 27695

Phone: 919-515-4601
Fax: 919-513-1276
Email: wicks@ncsu.edu
Web Site: https://www.ne.ncsu.edu/people/wicks

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