CE 523 Theory and Behavior of Steel Structures

Bolted and welded connections subjected to eccentric shear and combined bending and shear; framed beam connections; fully
restrained moment connections; beams subjected to torsion and combined bending and torsion; flexural, torsional, and flexural-torsional buckling of compression members; members subjected to combined bending and axial compression. 3 credit hours.


• Prerequisite

CE 426 or an equivalent undergraduate course in structural steel design. Familiarity with AISC design requirements for rolled steel shapes subjected to tension, compression, and flexure is required. In addition, familiarity with basic connection design including bolts and fillet welds subjected to shear is required. CE 523 CANNOT be your first course in steel design.

• Course Objectives

By the end of the course, you will be able to analyze and design:

  1. bolted and welded connections subjected to eccentric shear and to combined bending and shear,
  2. framed beam connections (simple shear connections),
  3. continuous beam-to-column connections (moment connections),
  4. beams subjected to combined bending and torsion,.
  5. compression members considering flexural, torsional, and flexural-torsional buckling, and
  6. members subjected to combined bending and axial compression (beam-columns)

• Course Topics

Contained in the course description and objectives above

• Course Requirements

HOMEWORK: 30% (Note that a homework assignment will be due the last week of class.)

PROCTORED EXAMINATIONS: Two, 75 minute (in-class) tests, 30%




• Textbook

Steel Structures – Design and Behavior, Fifth Edition, Pearson Prentice Hall, Charles G. Salmon, John E. Johnson, and Faris A. Malhas, 2009. ISBN: 9780131885561.

Steel Construction Manual, Fourteenth Edition, American Institute of Steel Construction (AISC), Chicago, IL, 2011. ISBN: 1-56424-060-6.

Other required material from the following references, now out of print, will be provided:

Design of Steel Structures, Third Edition, McGraw-Hill, Edwin H. Gaylord, Jr., Charles N. Gaylord, and James E.
Stallmeyer, 1992. ISBN: 0-07-023054-4.

Torsional Analysis of Steel Members, American Institute of Steel Construction, Inc., Chicago, IL, 1983.

• Computer and Internet Requirements

NCSU and Engineering Online have recommended minimum computer specifications. For details, click here.

• Instructor

Dr. James M. Nau, Professor
Department of Civil, Construction, and Environmental
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Raleigh , NC 27695-7908

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