MSE 791-602 Metastable Materials

The thermodynamics and kinetics of the synthesis and stability of a variety of important metastable materials those materials that are not in the lowest free energy state for the composition and structure - will be described. The common methods for non-equilibrium processing will be covered. A significant part of the course will be devoted to amorphous materials, including their synthesis, structure, and properties. Other topics will include quasi-crystalline materials, metastable crystalline materials, and shape memory alloys. As background for shape memory alloys, diffusionless phase transformations with emphasis on martensitic transformations will be reviewed. 3 credit hours.


• Prerequisite

MSE 500 Modern Concepts in Materials Science or consent of the instructor.

• Course Objectives

Upon satisfactory completion of this course, students should: be familiar with the important non-equilibrium processing methods;  know the synthesis methods, structure, and properties of amorphous materials, quasi-crystalline materials, and metastable crystalline solid solutions and intermediate phases.  They should know the nature of diffusionless phase transformations and the crystallography, nucleation, and growth of martensitic phase transformations.  They should know the nature of reverse martensitic transformations and the mechanism for the shape memory effect.  They should be familiar with shape memory materials and their applications.

• Course Requirements
  Test 1 25%
  Test 2 25%
  Test 3 25%
  Journal paper report 1   8.33%
  Journal paper report 2   8.33%
  Journal paper report 3   8.33%

• Textbook

No textbook is required.  A course pack with various review papers will be made available.

• Computer and Internet Requirements

NCSU and Engineering Online have recommended minimum specifications for computers. For details, click here.

• Instructor

Dr. Carl Koch, Professor
Materials Science & Engineering
Kobe Steel Distinguished Professor
Engineering Building I (EB1) 3006
NCSU Campus
Raleigh, NC 27695

Phone: 919-515-7340
Web Site: