CE 501 Transportation Systems Engineering

Planning and analysis of multi-modal transportation systems including railroads, airports, highways and other modes. Supply, demand, flows, impacts and network analysis. Highway mode emphasized. Completion of term paper for CE501 credit. 3 credit hours.


• Prerequisite

CE 305 Traffic Engineering or introductory transportation course or consent of instructor.

• Course Objectives

By the end of the course the students will be able to:

  • Synthesize information on transportation needs, define transportation problems, identify system objectives, and develop a systematic approach to accomplish team-oriented transportation projects having to do with transportation supply and demand.
  • Apply professional transportation software for computer-aided network simulation and analysis in order to test alternative system designs including land use configurations, as well as multi-modal transportation options.
  • Evaluate and compare a variety of system performance measures versus cost and impacts in order to select the most effective transportation system design.
  • Document the projects with appropriate network diagrams, impact assessments and reports.

• Course Requirements

HOMEWORK: Occasional; usually they are introductions to the projects.

EXAMINATIONS: Midterm exam and final exam.

SOFTWARE REQUIREMENTS: Access to a computer with MS Word and Excel. Some students apply software learned in other courses - Appropriate software tools will be available online through the NCSU Virtual Computing Lab.

PROJECTS: Typically three team projects which have been successfully accomplished by online teams.

• Textbook

N.J. Garber and L.A. Hoel, Traffic & Highway Engineering, 5th Edition,  (c) 2016 Cengage Learning
Custom paper back with selected chapters for NCSU CE305, C401, & CE501
ISBN 978-1-305-75685-4 (custom) without Mindlink.

Preview the text at http://www.cengagebrain.com/course/preview/1436577
Purchase the text at the NCSU Campus Bookstore, or order it from Cengage   http://www.cengagebrain.com/

• Computer and Internet Requirements

NCSU and Engineering Online have recommended minimum computer specifications. For details, click here.

• Instructor

Dr. John R. Stone, Professor
Dept. of Civil, Construction & Environmental Engineering
North Carolina State University
422 Mann Hall
Campus Box 7908
Raleigh, NC 27695-7908

Email: stone@ncsu.edu
Instructor Website: