ECE/CSC 575 Introduction to Wireless Networking

Introduction to wireless networking. Topics include: introduction to wireless propagation, medium access, cellular networks, metropolitan, local and personal area wireless networks and mobile IP. 3 credit hours.


• Prerequisite

CSC/ECE 570 Computer Networks

• Course Objectives and Expectations

This is an introductory and comprehensive course. The objectives of the course are:

    • to introduce the students to the fundamental principles of wireless networking, with focus on the radio and mobile, and MAC aspects. 
    • to introduce the students to the widely-deployed and state-of-the-art wireless techniques and architectures, such as cellular systems and WiFi, as well as adhoc and sensor networks. 
    • to introduce the students to the conceptual/analytical view and modeling foundations of wireless networks for a variety of applications. 
    • to introduce the students to the understanding, design, formulate, analyze, and implementation of practical issues in wireless environments. 
    • to help the students be prepared for advanced wireless courses, research, and development.  

The prerequisite of this course is CSC/ECE 570, from which students are assumed to understand basic concepts about computer networks and layered architecture.  ECE 582 (wireless communications) covers physical layer issues in wireless network, which discusses channel modeling, modulation and other issues. Knowledge of course ECE 582 will also be helpful to this course, while it is not required. Please read the entire web site carefully for course policies. A student who registers for this class must consider that he/she is prepared to observe the requirements and policies.

• Reference Books

(15BS) "Wireless Communication Networks and Systems," by Cory Beard and Willam Stallings, 2015. 

(14PA) "Introduction to Wireless & Mobile Systems," 4th Edition, by Dharma P. Agrawal and Qing-An Zeng,  Cengage Learning. 

(08KMK) "Wireless Networking, " by  Anurag Kumar, D. Manjunath, Joy Kuri, ISBN 0-12-374254-4, 2008. 

(03JS) "Mobile communications," 2nd Edition, Jochen H. Schiller, 2003

(04MM) "Ad hoc Wireless Networks: Architecture and Protocols" by Murphy and Manjo, 2008.  Prentice Hall. 

Some topics will be based on technical papers that will be posted on the class page. 


1. Introduction - A Holistic View of Wireless Networking
2. Radio Channels and Transmission Basics
3. Models and Quality of Service
4. Random Access and WiFi
5. Cellular Basics: Architecture and Functions
6. Cellular Advanced: OFDM and LTE
7. Adhoc and Internet of Things
8. Software Defined Radio (SDR)

• Computer and Internet Requirements

NCSU and Engineering Online have recommended minimum specifications for computers. For details, click here.

• Instructor

Dr. Wenye Wang, Professor
Electrical and Computer Engineering
Engineering Building II(Eb2) 3056, Box 7911
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Raleigh, NC 27695-7911

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