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Message to Proctors

Thank you for taking on this very important role as a proctor for the Engineering Online department at NC State University. The responsibilities of the proctor are critical to the success, credibility and academic integrity of the College of Engineering’s distance education programs.  Proctors ensure that NC State University’s high academic standards are upheld, even when students are far from our campus.  As a proctor, you fill a vital role in the distance education process, and we are grateful for your services to our program.

What is a Proctor?
A proctor is an impartial individual who monitors a student while he or she is taking an exam.  The proctor ensures the integrity of the exam process by managing the confidential information contained both in exams, and in students’ exam responses.  Because of the sensitive nature of university examinations, standardized procedures are necessary to enforce exam administration standards, and ensure that all students have a fair and equal opportunity to demonstrate their mastery of course material.  Proctors make certain that all Engineering Online students, whether they are in a neighboring town or halfway around the globe, adhere to the same testing practices as students on NC State University’s campus.  

Who Can Serve as a Proctor?
Anyone serving as proctor must be able to fulfill that role objectively.  For this reason, Engineering Online prohibits potential conflicts of interest between a proctor’s personal or professional relationship to a student, and the proctor’s role as an NC State University testing official.  

The following individuals or organizations may serve as proctors:

  • NC State University’s Distance Education Testing Service
  • Another university, college or private testing center
  • Military training or education officer
  • Manager or supervisor
  • School principal, vice principal, librarian, teacher, or school counselor
  • Human resources manager or training officer
  • College professor or administrative official
  • Others in a position of authority with a  demonstrably impartial relationship to the student

The following individuals are not acceptable proctors:

  • Relatives, neighbors, and friends
  • Co-workers and subordinate employees
  • Receptionists and security guards
  • Tutors
  • Fellow students
  • Anyone with a perceived or real conflict of interest

All prospective proctors are subject to Engineering Online approval.  If there is a possible conflict of interest, a potential proctor should discuss that concern with Engineering Online staff before agreeing to perform the service.  Providing false proctor information or not following Engineering Online’s testing procedures can result in the student failing the examination, and may be grounds for his or her dismissal from the university.

Proctoring Overview
Proctors are responsible for providing an appropriate testing environment, ensuring that the student only has access to approved materials during the examination, keeping the test secure before and after the exam, and returning the completed examination to the Engineering Online office. 

Proctors should be able to communicate test-taking procedures, but should not answer questions on exam content.  So, while proctors must be fluent in English, they do not need any special knowledge of the field.  To successfully adhere to our procedures, proctors must have access to a scanner or fax machine, and a private, organizational e-mail account.  A more thorough guide to proctoring can be found here: Proctor_Procedures.pdf

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