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Enroll in Courses

EOL Fall Enrollment will Open May 6

How do I enroll in an online class?

Distance Education students will use the Engineering Online (EOL) Portal to submit their enrollment request.  Students cannot enroll in distance education courses through MyPack Portal and must use the EOL Portal for all enrollment requests. As with many University systems, students will utilize their Unitiy ID and password to log in.

Students must have an Active status with the University to access the EOL Portal To enroll in classes with Engineering Online, you first need to apply to the university and be admitted as a graduate or non-degree student. Students cannot audit an online engineering class at the undergraduate or graduate level.

Follow our step-by-step instructions for new or returning students enrolling in EOL courses:

  1. Review our Apply page for more information and steps on how to be admitted and become an active student. 
  1. Log into the EOL Portal
  2. You may have notes at the top of the page indicating important actions that need to be completed.
  3. The   Help section can provide a quick overview of the system and its functions.
  4. Using the Left Menu Panel, navigate to  My Profile to ensure your University Records are correct, and finalize your profile. *Transcripts are not required unless requested from EOL but you may add one if you would like
  5. Next, you may navigate back to the  Home screen click the red “Plus Sign” or utilize the  Request Courses screen to submit your enrollment request.
  6. Make sure you select the correct term for which you wish to request a course
  7. The  search bar in the top right corner can be used to quickly filter your course and click on the course title to expand and view the course description.
  8. Once you find your desired course, simply click on the blue Request Button. The request will be recorded instantly and viewable by staff for processing.
  9. If you make a mistake and request the wrong course, you have five (5) minutes to UNDO the request.
  10. You can use the  Request a Course Menu to view the status of your request, but it would be easier to use the  Registration Request Section of the  Home Menu to only view your courses.

What happens next?

Your registration request will be reviewed and acted upon by our Registration Coordinator. With most actions taken, you will receive an automated email describing to you what has happened with your request or what will happen with your request. All communication regarding your enrollment request will occur through this system or your NCSU email account. This will include, but not be limited to, Enrollment Confirmations, requests for additional information, and Registration Holds and Issues. You may also check on the status of your request through the  “Request a Course” Menu by filtering for the course you requested or through the Registration Request section of the  Home Menu which will only show the courses you requested.

  1. Add Requested – A class you have requested to add to your schedule.
  2. Add Declined – A class that Engineering Online has declined to enroll you in.
  3. Add in Progress – A class where the Engineering Online Registrar has entered your request in the Student Information System.
  4. Enrolled – A class where your enrollment has been confirmed by the Student Information System.
  5. Drop Requested – A class you have requested to remove from your schedule.
  6. Drop in Progress – A class where the Engineering Online Registrar has entered your request in the Student Information System.
  7. Dropped – A class where your drop has been confirmed by the Student Information System.
  8. Drop Declined – A class that Engineering Online has declined to remove you from.

Registration in the University’s system is governed by your student status and assigned enrollment dates, so sometimes your registration will not be immediate. You will, however, receive an automated email verifying that you have been registered for your course(s).

Following the completed registration, you will be able to log in to your University account at the MyPack Portal to review your registration and pay your bill. Please review the information on tuition and fees.

For more assistance please contact Engineering Online’s Registration Coordinator with your questions.

Dustin R. Norris
Assistant Director of Registration and Student Services
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