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Using Instructional Technology

NC State provides many instructional technologies to help support both your online and on-campus teaching. When teaching an online course, everything happens online. The classroom is online, assignment submission is online, communication is online, community is online, and therefore learning happens online. Although many of the technologies, such as video and content recording, happen without the instructor having to do anything unique. Providing an online presence for your course materials and providing opportunities for communication and community outside of the classroom depend on the involvement of the instructor and teaching staff. NC State is a nationally recognized, leading provider of online engineering and computer science education. To continue and advance in this leadership position, we need to provide a state of the art online presence for our programs and for each online course.

The tools available at NC State are well supported and relatively easy to use. We encourage you to learn the basics and leverage these tools to provide support for your students and to make your online teaching engaging, effective and efficient. For those that may not be familiar with the tools available at NC State, a brief overview of the primary learning technologies is provided here.

Wolfware is NC State’s online educational toolkit and includes various tools within a single environment. Moodle is NC State’s strategic learning management system and can be used to deliver course content, communicate with your students, facilitate collaboration, and much more. Blackboard Collaborate can be used to host virtual office hours, facilitate class group work, and hold exam reviews. An overview of these tools as well as links to more detailed information can be found here.

Here are some specific links that will help you get started using Moodle for your course.

Information to help you get stared with Blackboard Collaborate can be found here.

To get help with implementing any of the NC State supported learning technology applications for your course, you can contact DELTA’s LearnTech Help Desk. DELTA’s help resources are available here.