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Exam Services

Engineering Online provides an exam service for instructors that teach online engineering courses. If you typically use proctored classroom exams for your course, this service allows you to provide the same exam experience for your online students. Engineering Online will work with your students to establish an approved proctor for their exams and handle the administration of each exam. Exams are emailed to each student’s proctor, the proctor administers the exam with the same time and materials constraints that you have for your classroom students, and then returns the completed exam to Engineering Online.

As an instructor, you just need to provide your exam electronically (as a pdf document) to Engineering by noon on the day before the exam window opens for online students. After the exams are returned to Engineering Online, we will distribute them to you or your teaching staff for grading. We can print them and deliver them in paper form, or we can forward them on to you electronically. For exams that you choose to return to your students, you just need to get them back to Engineering Online, and we will return them to your students as an email attachment.

Near the beginning of the semester, you will receive an email from Lisa Jessick, the exam coordinator for Engineering Online, with a link to an exam management survey for that semester.

To submit your exams to Engineering Online or to ask any questions about the exam management process, please contact Lisa Jessick at